Welcome to How to Ask For & Get Money Without Feeling Icky

This Course Includes:

- Over 4 Hours of packed course content, learning from top leaders who have been in the nonprofit sector for decades.

- Identify your greatest opportunities to grow your financial resources by learning to identify your top donors, expand into your ideal-donor niche, and effectively ask for funding to increase your impact.

- In-depth training on how to properly ask for donations, follow-up and keep in touch with donors, and creating events that your key supporters want to attend.

- On-Demand: Watch when it works best for you and your team.

- 24-Months of access so you can learn, apply, grow, and continue to learn as an organization.

- Training focused on leaders at all levels of your organization.

- Practical exercises to help you apply what you're learning in real-time to your nonprofit.

- Practical examples that include the best script outline to ask for money, the proper set up for appointments with donors, and how to best use your metrics and your stories to speak to different donor personalities.

- Access to Ted and Lisa, your nonprofit consultants, who are available to answer questions on what you're learning.

A better world need healthier nonprofits, and we want you to fulfill your mission while living a fulfilled life.

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Enroll Today for Instant Access!